Why Choose The Focus Approach?

We are far more than an LSAT preparation Program

We are a community of caring professionals who been through this, we are lawyers, we are first generation lawyers; we understand how daunting the law school admission process can be!

There is the LSAT, then the law school application package (personal statement, application form, letters of recommendation, perhaps addendums, etc.).

Following the application process you must navigate the admissions process (what schools do I apply to?) How many schools should I apply to? What offers do I accept? What if the school I really want to attend offers me less money than other schools? Do I attend the “highest ranking” school I get into even if I have to pay more?

You may then stress out over how you will succeed in law school, this can be particularly true if you are the first in your family to attend law school.

If it feels overwhelming we know; we felt overwhelmed but we became lawyers, so must you.

Let's explore:


The LSAT is a psychometric test, it is not an academic test.

Read the way attorneys are taught to read (textually-rule driven), write the way attorneys are instructed to write (the IRAC method), and you will think the way learns are required to think.

Its objective is to determine whether, when presented with situations, you solve those situations as a lawyer would be expected to.

The questions on the LSAT are designed to be solved. There is nothing you need to know beyond that which you are presented with. Little, if any, memorization is involved.

The LSAT is not solved with tricks, shortcuts, cuecards, or attempting to find a way around the test. Those methods may have an appeal but they are not the stuff lawyers are made out of.

Lawyers are reason driven, and so must you be.


If the method used is flawed, the outcome will be flawed.

IRAC is the method of reasoning lawyers are trained to use. It is the basic structure of all legal writing. But what appears on paper is the product of what is in your mind. If you don’t think in the IRAC format, you cannot write in the IRAC format.

When applied to the LSAT, the IRAC method demonstrates remarkable efficacy (see RESULTS). Beyond that, it prepares you for the rigorous reasoning you must employ in law school and beyond.

IRAC appears in our logo for a reason; it is our method.


When you write like a lawyer it is compelling evidence that you are thinking, or reasoning, like a lawyer. Not only does our legal writing component provide us valuable evidence of how you are reasoning, it also provides you a leg up in law school.

Each participating law school has designed an introduction to legal writing with you in mind. You decide which program best fits your needs. Whether you are working alongside tenure faculty members or legally trained admission specialists, you will learn how a law school must write in order to survive.


Personal Statements, Law School Applications, Letters of Recommendation, Addendums, Resumes, etc. The process of applying to law school is arduous and stressful.

How good would it feel to have a retired Law School, Assistant Admission Dean of Admissions as a resource. Someone who has reviewed thousands of law school applications, and possesses over three decades of experience!

We will provide you with a careful review of your personal statement, complete with suggestions, edits, and feedback.

And, it’s all included!

$2,000 onetime scholarship to help offset the Program’s cost

Should you go on to attend at one of our participating law schools you will receive, in addition to any other scholarship award to which you may be entitled, a $2,000 scholarship to help offset the cost of this Program.