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Every law student learns about "caveat emptor" in the first year of law school. Caveat emptor is latin for "let the buyer beware." When selecting an LSAT program, do your due diligence; visit a class before committing to it. What better way is there for you to make sure that a program is a fit for you?

Sit in (virtually), observe, participate, speak with enrolled students - check it out before you reach for your wallet!

Don’t settle for a demonstration class. Insist on sitting in on an actual class, taught by the Focus Approach attorney who will be teaching you (if an attorney is not teaching, you may want to ask, why not?).

Use the form below to arrange for a free virtual class visit. An attorney/mentor will be in touch with you within forty-eight (48) hours to finalize the details. Items marked with an (*) are required.

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