Law Enforcement Resources

Law includes law enforcement, both local and national. The law enforcement profession is richly represented by Focus Approach faculty. Assistant District Attorneys are members of law enforcement as are police officers and FBI agents.

Focus Approach has successfully prepared scores of police officers for the LSAT. Their success rate, not surprisingly, is very high. The attributes that make someone a good police officer: an ability to understand the law, apply the facts to the law, and administer the law, are the same basic attributes that make you a successful attorney.

Scott G. Sullivan, Esq. is such a person. While a police officer, Scott, challenged by the question, “why don’t you go to law school?”, attended Pace University School of Law at night (with an academic scholarship), and graduated top in his class. Scott, recommended to Focus by the Dean of Admissions, joined Focus Approach shortly after his 1999 graduation.

Fast forward fifteen years, Lieutenant Sullivan – who is still on the force and teaches analytical reasoning classes with Focus Approach - is a principal member of Police Tutorial Service (PTS) and an attorney specializing in corporate litigation, business law and intellectual property law. Just as most successful police civil service exam test takers in New York do, Scott prepared for his police entrance and promotional examinations by studying with PTS. When a police captain (also a PTS student) saw Scott teach a Focus Approach class, Scott was recruited to be a PTS instructor. His story – a police officer and a lawyer – is more common than some may think. What may be less common is the desire and ability to teach others the skills needed to successfully enter into and advance in those professions.

PTS has been training students to take police entrance and promotional examinations since 1968. The cadre of PTS law enforcement attorney instructors understands the nature of both police civil service examinations and the LSAT. Both are highly competitive gateway exams - meaning no one succeeds without defeating the competition. Both exams, in their own way, measure critical reading and reasoning skills. Regardless of educational background, to succeed on a police examination or on the LSAT, you must engage in focused, targeted preparation.

We urge anyone interested in entering law enforcement or taking a police promotional exam to reach out to PTS; they are hands down, the best in the business. Focus Approach and PTS, working together, are committed to serving the needs of law enforcement by teaching future attorneys and police officers, and police officers who plan to become attorneys and vice versa.

When you contact PTS, be sure to mention your connection to Focus Approach! Just like having a PBA card, it’s a connection that can make a difference.

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